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to the authors wondering if an artist is gonna wanna pick your story, shhhhh. i’m probably gonna wanna pick everyone’s story so don’t you worry your pretty little heads. you’re all working super hard and the artists are gonna love being able to create something based off of your wonderful fics. at least, i know i’m excited and can’t wait to be paired up with one of you.

keep on truckin’! you can do it!!


ehhhhhh a somewhat personal piece featuring my character vecoras. trying to visually show what it feels like when you close your eyes to sleep and all the terrible thoughts start flooding into your brain.

depression sucks.


here’s some evans brothers as undercover agents for you because i really like that idea and it should happen. i think they’re at a bar and wes has eyed some little fox (haha get it) he wants to lay the moves on or something

ANYWAYS you are lovely and though we haven’t talked much you are a big inspiration to me and i hope that you had a wonderful birthday! Q v Q

*whispers* i’m 10 followers away from my next milestone !!!

(take 2)

OK this is for my bby chelsea bc i love her very much. her character rina (cutie with antlers) and my character tina (cutie cyclops). chillin’ at a sleepover bein’ dumb.

i stayed up late to sketch out ideas for a soma song comic.. thing. now that it’s planned out i gotta get to work on it!

dunno how long it’ll take me but i figured if i made it public you guys would get on my back to start it/finish it.

quick messy colour over a sketch from my sketchbook. fem!soul in some formal wear~

utuhgugh i have a headache but here’s celine the pirate queen and quinn for auspiciousleader ! i need to draw more of them and her and i have ideas for stuff for them but my brain is turning to mush rn so i’ll do it later~

i’m slowly getting closer to 500 followers and i’m kind of losing my mind about it @_____________@

very quick fma doodles for my bff because she wanted them. i’m gonna draw more fma stuff that are not just doodles but for now have this u v u