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my tablet cord has crapped out on me. hhhhhhh.

also my nib is almost gone and i don’t have any more so i have to get some but i can’t get the current nib out because it’s so rubbed down and i’m stressing out haha. i mean i guess i can just take it in to a shop and get them to help but omg i just can’t afford for anything to go wrong with my baby. i haven’t even had it a whole year yet.

my last one lasted soooo so long but then i lost the pen. i miss my old baby. ):

my tablet cord has crapped out on me. hhhhhhh.

how have i not drawn tsustar before? i need to draw some tsustar. for real.



So, I commissioned the lovely and talented kribart to art my original characters from It’s Time, my first fanfiction and to this day my beloved redheaded stepchild. 

The thing is done, and it is AWESOME!

Behold, Gareth the warlock turned meister and his weapon, Shane!




Sooo… if you have always wanted your fic vision realized, I highly recommend getting yourself some art from kribart.  She’s still taking commissions I’m fairly certain, and the results are awesome.  :)

hey guys! here’s the commission i did for the lovely professormaka~ i’m so glad you liked it!! Q v Q

also, she’s correct. my commissions are still open and they will stay open until further notice~

i either start and finish a few drawings in one day or one drawing takes me more than a week to finish. there is no in between.

huge huge HUGE hug to all those who are trying to call that person out on instagram who has been posting art that isn’t theirs. i know how hard everyone in this fandom works on the content they produce and seeing it thrown around without credit is infuriating. so really, hugs and smooches to those who are actively working to report this person and call them out on their bull shit and trying to add credit to everything.

Hi Foxi! I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this, but many users on Instagram have used your art/cropped it in their posts and have NOT credited you in the comments/tags/anywhere else. They knowingly refuse to credit any other artists they have stolen from because they do not want to devote the time to look up their names and properly source them. I know @itsmakaalbarn has taken a number of your drawings and not credited you, just in case you wanted to look her up. ;__;






Unfortunately i do not own an instagram to see these things.Drawings from my artpage or Soul eater things? I may have to make an account to crack some heads. 

Thanks for the heads up missy.<3

ALSO, as a reminder, a copyright document was the best thing i’ve ever purchased. In that big list of art stuffs i have under it, there is one that has all of the different styles i draw in. Technically, that means that my styles are copyrighted and if people feel like they can steal my shit, they better be ready to empty their wallets.

I scrolled through the account and saw not only yours Foxi but other artist on there. I’m just gonna tag them all in case they haven’t been informed. I’m extremely sorry that your art was stolen. @eisschirmchen moonplata yyeann burdge kribart @keysa-does-art



wait what?! really?! this is the first time this has happened to me. Aslong as people are aware it is stolen there shouldn’t be a problem, but I still don’t want people claiming my art as their own, or not sourcing what they repost. I don’t like reposting. But if you do, GIVE A SOURCE TO THE ORIGINAL ARTIST. I’m sick of these little kids that think anything on the internet can be used freely. 

I’m not familiar with instagram either, I better take a look at their FAQ and see if there’s a way to report those users. But knowing these kind of pages nowadays, i don’t think they will care at all. Not even DeviantArt has a good system to prevent art theft.

(Maybe some of the users who repost my art will see this) You can find my Instagram on my blog and tagging me in one of your posts does not hurt at all. You don’t even need to tag me, but some credits like Art by Eis(schirmchen) would be nice. And of course for all my other artsie-friends; if they don’t have Instagram use their Tumblr/DevArt username!

You can find their art, you can also find their username and add three more words (Art by xyz) to your Instagram tags. It’s really easy, trust me.


Not sourcing art is shit and I’m not amused…

*unholy screeching* adding credit is so fucking easy i don’t understand why that’s such a difficult thing for people to do??? uhdufghfguhfdg. thank you for letting me know though!! i’m kind of fucking fuming but at least i know now.

oh my god please do headcanons of the shugo chara and soul eater crossover because i absolutely love the art for it <3




omg thank you! i ended up saying a lot so it’s under a cut!

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imagine Wes having er and iru (utau crossover)- angel wes and devil wes and jsut hom being overprotective of soul
Maka is Joker (rather than ace because amu was joker)
her second egg was supposed to be modeled after someone successful and loving like her mother but it got infected (tragic background story) because her had tainted her idea of what love was and sou’l demonic wavelength was the catalyst to the change
when she unlocked another person’s heart then they can transform too and she helps the guardians transform because she is yah know SOUL RESONANCE
Soul’s out trying to rebel and he finds comofrt and his first egg feels so relieved and just so right when maka is around, maka can never fully purify it but it gets close, showing how madness never really goes away
Kid is king, Tsubaki is queen, Liz is Jack, Patty is Ace, and blackstar is too wild to be a guardian but he was once a candidate for Ace. He is after kid’s king chair.
Chrona’s role, tries to stimulate soul’s darker self order of medusa AND THE SACRIFCIE;AN

lets stop. but i would want an au so much omg im so tempted to write one…

Thank you so much for sharing kristen <3

I MEANT JOKER SHIT. it’s been a while since i watched so my memory is very fuzzy wow OOPS. but yes i like all of these things and i didn’t think i could go so far with it but LOOK AT US. a shugo chara au is definitely not something i thought i’d want for soul eater but dang it works really well. maybe in the future i’ll draw more of them and maybe their transformed versions.

OOPS reblogged that to the wrong blog.

floraibun said: five years isnt that bad. that’s the age difference for my parents. ahaha try ten years like Kenshin and Kaoru ahahaha that was always funky to deal with

nah 5 years isn’t weird but amu’s like 12 and ikuto’s 17 so it was kinda weird he was so into her bUT DANG THEY’RE GONNA BE SUCH A HOT COUPLE WHEN THEY’RE OLDER.

LOL ok so yeah let’s pretend soul and maka aren’t like 5 years apart in this au like amu and ikuto were. (though i totally fucking ship amuto. i have this headcanon that after ikuto goes to travel to find his dad [that is what happens at the end of the manga, right? it’s been years since i read it] he comes back years later when amu is older so the age gap isn’t as weird and they get together and frick frack or fall in love or both or whatever)